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Leviton 10/100Mbps 4-Port Internet Gateway -- 47611-GT4

Leviton 10/100Mbps 4-Port Internet Gateway -- 47611-GT4 -- View Larger Image
Leviton 10/100Mbps 4-Port Internet Gateway -- 47611-GT4-Image

Share a single high-speed DSL or Cable broadband Internet connection among multiple computers throughout your home or small office using a Leviton Gateway. Built-in switch that links remote locations together—instantly creating a private network to share data, back-up systems, access printers, play networked games and more.
Leviton Gateway Features:
- Designed for use in Leviton Structured Media Enclosures
- High-speed router with 10/100Mbps Ethernet switch
- Connects directly to four devices such as computers or printers
- Use the uplink capability to cascade additional hubs or switches, forming a private network with up to 253 connections using a single, shared Internet connection
- Eliminates the need for additional IP addresses, and allows you to share files, printers, hard drives, scanners, CD-ROMs, DVDs, etc.
- Provides Network Address Translation Technology (NAT)
- Includes a powerful firewall that shields connected PCs and devices from outside hackers
- URL blocking feature lets you customize web access and filter unwanted Internet material
- Easily configured by accessing a set-up wizard via web browser and by managing the router remotely on-line
- IEEE 802.3 and 802.3u compliant
- LED lights to indicate Power, Diagnostic, LINK/Activity, FDX/Col and 10/100Mbps status
- Mac & PC compatible
- Replaces 47611-GTY
- Includes Power 12VDC @ 1000mA


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