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InnoMedia PRI Dual-Mode Enterprise Gateway for Broadband.. -- MTA-3050

InnoMedia PRI Dual-Mode Enterprise Gateway for Broadband.. -- MTA-3050 -- View Larger Image
InnoMedia PRI Dual-Mode Enterprise Gateway for Broadband.. -- MTA-3050-Image

Ideally suited to the Small to Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) market, the MTA 3050 provides high-quality VOIP service with the added reliability of PSTN connectivity to address issues such as E911 access, network failover, and call routing management. This feature offers the service operator complete flexibility in rolling out VOIP services to SME customers. Designed to interface with a T1-based PBX, the MTA 3050 provides VOIP connectivity over Ethernet and is interoperable with both SIP and MGCP call agents. The MTA 3050's rich feature set makes it very easy for administrators to install and provision. A web-based GUI offers complete control through a browser, enabling remote and local administration. In addition, the MTA 3050 supports remote software upgradeability making it very easy to upgrade to add new features and enhancements. Other features such as detailed system event logging, call detail records, and real-time active call status indicators give administrators a complete pulse of the MTA 3050's health at any time.
- Delivers voice services over PSTN and IP networks simultaneously
- Seamlessly integrates into existing PBX networks
- Does not change end-user interaction with phone
Flexible DigitMap options
- Easy to install and auto-provision
- QoS features provide high-quality voice service


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