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ZyXel 802.11b Wireless Hot Spot Gateway -- B-4000

ZyXel 802.11b Wireless Hot Spot Gateway -- B-4000 -- View Larger Image
ZyXel 802.11b Wireless Hot Spot Gateway -- B-4000-Image

Designed with integrated billing and receipt printing capabilities, the B-4000 allows public businesses such as coffee shops, bookstores, libraries and airport terminals to cater to customers seeking Wi-Fi Internet access. Combines an 802.11b wireless access point, router, 4-port switch, and wireless service gateway all in a single small-footprint box. No PC is needed. A one-button compact portable thermal printer connects directly to the gateway, allowing clerks and cashiers to easily print receipts with billing and password information. Even better, no back-end system integration is needed.
- Provides integrated solution for rapid deployment - Simplifies the costly and complicated hot spot deployment process by integrating all the key components into a single, easy-to-install and intelligent device
- Delivers instant IP connectivity service - Helps solve connectivity problems by offering instant Internet access without changing network settings, even if users have a static IP address pre-set
- Simplifies user authentication and accounting - Validate customer logins and monitor usage status with a local printer - enforce usage limits based on predefined quotas
- Offers comprehensive security - With Layer 2 isolation support an SSL login page, provides a fully-secure operating environment

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