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InnoMedia INFOGATE 3010 -- INM-IG-3010

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InnoMedia INFOGATE 3010 -- INM-IG-3010-Image

InfoGate 3010 is a cost-effective 4-port analog IP Gateway engineered to provide "toll quality" voice service over IP networks with up to 95% cost savings on long distance calls.
- Toll-quality voice service
- Self-contained, fully integrated solution
- Takes minutes to install and configure
- Industrial strength real time operating system for reliable operation
- Configurable signaling to work with any PBX and central office switch in any country
- Built-in customizable Interactive Voice Response system to support any language
- Integrated GateKeeper functionality to eliminate the need for a separate database server
- Immediate cost savings
- FXO interface to allow access to the external lines (callers can initiate and complete calls from outside the PBX)
- User-defined address translation table to create preferred dialing plans
- CDR logging
- Field upgradable
- Remote login for configuration, monitoring, and upgradability


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Network Equipment
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