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Bogen 2-Port VOIP Gateway with Overhead Paging -- MVP210BG

Bogen 2-Port VOIP Gateway with Overhead Paging -- MVP210BG -- View Larger Image
Bogen 2-Port VOIP Gateway with Overhead Paging -- MVP210BG-Image

2-Port VOIP Gateway allows paging communications to be sent over the Internet or Intranet. FXS pass-through expands the paging capabilities of Bogen’s PCM zone paging system by providing a continuous connection between buildings using a local-area or wide-area network (LAN/WAN).
2-Port Gateway Features:
- 2 analog port for communication over an existing IP network or the Internet
- Ethernet connectivity and full IP compatibility with existing routers and WAN infrastructure
- Overhead voice paging to multiple locations within a facility, nearby or branch office buildings, or to remote locations
- Efficiently communicate company-wide emergency alerts or general announcements
- FXS/FXO connector on each port for direct connection to Bogen’s telephone paging interfaces
- Configuration and management using a Web browser or Microsoft Windows
- Utilizes the H.323 or SIP protocols to provide complete interoperability with other Internet telephony solutions
- Multi-port models provide contact closure Receive & Transmit in E&M; mode
- Connects directly to telephone or PBX
- Single Port Protocol (SPP) allows the use of dynamic IP addresses
- Voice compression to 5.3K bps per call with support for multiple algorithms, including ITU G.723 and G.729
- Supports H.450 supplementary services to provide for call transfer, call forwarding, call hold, call waiting and name identification
- T.38 real-time fax relay for interoperability among other VoIP equipment
- PSTN fail-over automatically routes calls over the PSTN network if the IP network is down
- Minimum requirements: Ethernet network, WAN connection, IP addresses
- Number of Ports: 2


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