Guided Wave, Inc. Datasheets for Fiber Optic Probes

Fiber optic probes collect light or spectra from extreme environments inside reaction vessels at high temperatures or pressures. Product types include UV-Vis spectroscopy probes, Raman spectroscopy probes, and refractometry probes.
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Product Name Notes
O-Ring Single Sided Transmission Probe Corrosion resistant construction, rugged design, o-ring seals
Long Path Flow Cell Designed specifically for long paths, can distinguish gas in a mixture
Turbidity Probe Designed to measure light scattered 90ยบ from the transmitted beam of light
Extreme Service Insertion Probe Extreme chemical resistance, resistance to extreme temps and thermal shock
Shuttle Probe For monitoring liquid samples, in-situ.rugged, reliable, and easy to use
Single-Sided Transmission (SST) Probe Ideal for continuous process monitoring, easily installed
Transreflectance Insertion Probe Narrow diameter, low cost, long optical path
Teflon® Flow Cell No metal parts in contact with chemical, guaranteed not to leak
Multi-Purpose Flow Cell Simple design, process resistant construction, heated version available