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Our Electro Static Discharge protected wire strippers offer precise engaged cutting while leaving your wire damage free. The handles give you positive grip while being comfortable with prolonged use. They were designed to enable you to work where it is critical to prevent damage from electrostatic discharge.
Features and Benefits. Black coated handle prevents electro static discharge. Suitable for stripping all common wire insulation types. Electrostatic discharging handles. Handle design for comfortable use. Black oxidised finish for corrosion resistance and reduced glare. Smooth-action return spring. 864-0776 for stripping 0.2 - 0.8 mm Ø. 864-0808 for stripping 0.6 â€" 2.6 mm Ø. 864-0801 for stripping 0.8 - 2.6 mm Ø
Stripping Range = 0.6 - 2.6mm
Minimum Size = 0.6mm
Maximum Size = 2.6mm
Overall Length = 5-1/2in

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Wire, Cable, and Connector Tools
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