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Cord Connect Extension Cable Plug Protector -- AG-5005

Cord Connect Extension Cable Plug Protector -- AG-5005 -- View Larger Image
Cord Connect Extension Cable Plug Protector -- AG-5005-Image

Angel-Guard® Cord Connect™ Extension Cable Plug Protector

Prevent Electrical Hazards and Cord Damage

What's special about this cable protector?

  • Protects cable ends from outside dust, dirt, and liquids, prolonging the life of your extension cords and reducing the risk of electrical hazards
  • Locking design with tapered ends prevents cables from being disconnected while moving, ensuring that your jobs go uninterrupted
  • Weatherproof UV rated plastic stands up to the radiant heat of outside work areas for long-lasting protection
  • Screw-tight closure and internal gaskets create a certified watertight seal, defending cable from electrical damage and making the connector ideal for marine/boating and any other outdoor application*
  • Power extension cords can be very expensive, especially those specialized for waterproof applications. The Cord Connect™ offers a cost-effective solution for the home or industrial worker looking to keep their cable ends fully protected from abrasion damage, electrical hazards, and even irritating disconnects.