Cable Ramps and Hose Ramps from, Inc.

Bumble Bee® Cable Protector -- CPXSC-BB5-125-DB

Bumble Bee® Cable Protector -- CPXSC-BB5-125-DB -- View Larger Image
Bumble Bee® Cable Protector -- CPXSC-BB5-125-DB-Image

What's special about these cable covers?

  • Provides superior damage protection for cables, wires, pneumatic and hydraulic hoses or fiber optic cables while preventing tripping hazards
  • Multi-channel design with rounded dividers organizes assorted cables and helps prevent snags and tears
  • Each cord cover can hold up to 20,000 lbs or 10 tons per axle at 70°F (21°C) for applications with low-speed buses, trucks, forklifts or heavy foot traffic
  • Manufactured from Durathane™- a proprietary, cast polyurethane that provides exceptional load-bearing characteristics and durability

Bumble Bee® Cable Protectors by Yellow Jacket offer bright, easy to see colors, a high weight limit, and turns, splits and end caps that customize for any application. Perfect for warehouses, fairgrounds, concerts venues, or any other place where protecting cables or hoses is a priority.