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EA-EL 9000B Series 19 Inch 3U conventional electronic loads are adjustable and programmable. They come equipped with a high performance FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) controller with 16-bit resolution. EA-EL 9000B features include a flexible DC input range for use at high voltage or high current as required, within the nominal power rating. The TFT touch panel has an easy-to-operate intuitive menu structure. This integrates multiple functions such as a function generator with default wave forms (e.g. sinus, square, trapezoidal, ramp, arbitrary), memory, alarm manager and user profiles. It displays U/I/R/P values with 4-digit resolution. The DC input is highly stable and filtered with 0.100% adjustable parameters, very dynamic (30µs) and generates no ripple (FET linear technology). For external automated control, 9000B models have an on-board isolated 0-5V/0-10V analog and USB interface. An intelligent plug’n play slot allows retrofitting optionally-available interface modules such as CANopen, Ethernet, Profibus and Modbus. EA-EL 9000B is an excellent choice for demanding load testing, to provide for reproducible test data, and is suitable for automated system integration to form heavy-duty load banks.
1.2kW to 7.2kW. 0-80V, 0-200V, 0-360V, 0-500V, 0-750V DC. 0-20A up to 0-510A depending on model. FPGA controlled and programmable. Isolated analog 0-5V/0-10V & USB interface on board. Operation modes CV, CC, CP, CR, battery discharge mode. Integrated sequencer with default waveforms, memory, alarm manager, user profiles. TFT touch panel (64,000 colours) and setting encoders (intuitive easy-to-operate HMI). Plug’n play digital interface slot (many optional interfaces e.g. Ethernet, CANopen, Profibus). Control software ea-power-control pro for automated testing & data logging. Housing 19 Inch 3U for all power ratings up to 7.2kW. True master-slave parallel operation with summary function, stackable to create heavy duty load racks. Input voltage 115/230V~ 50/60Hz. Housing 19 Inch rack 3U, dimensions 485 x 133 x 510 mm deep (including terminals)
Series = EA-EL 9000 B
Load Type = Programmable
Constant Wattage Mode Range = Maximum of 2400 W
Constant Voltage Mode Range = 0 - 750 V
Constant Current Mode Range = 0 - 40 A
Constant Resistance Mode Range = 1.75 - 550 Ohms
Rack Units = 3 U

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