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The electronic DC loads series EA-EL 9000 B HP replace the current EA-EL 9000 HP series. They reduce the required unit height from 3U to 2U. Meaning, the steady power of 7200 W of a former EA-EL 9000 HP device can already be achieved in 6U of height where it required 9U before. The result is a space saving of 33% which allows for achieving even more power in a 19 Inch cabinet.,All models support the four common regulation modes constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC), constant power (CP) and constant resistance (CR). The FPGA-based control circuit provides interesting features, such as a function generator with a table-based function for the simulation of nonlinear internal resistances.
• Power Ratings: 0 to 600 W up to 0 to 2400 W,• Input Voltages: 0 to 80 V up to 0 to 750 V,• Input Currents: Up to 170 A per unit,• FPGA-based control circuit,• Multilingual colour touch panel,• User profiles, true function generator,• Adjustable Protections: OVP, OCP, OPP,• Operation Modes: CV, CC, CP, CR,• Galvanically isolated interfaces (analogue and USB),• Master-slave bus for parallel connection,• Optional: Digital, plug and play interfaces,• SCPI and Modbus RTU supported,• LabView VIs and remote control software (Windows)
Series = EL 9000 B HP
Load Type = Programmable
Constant Wattage Mode Range = 0 - 1200 W
Constant Voltage Mode Range = 0 - 750 V dc
Constant Current Mode Range = 0 - 20 A
Constant Resistance Mode Range = 3 - 1250 Ohms
Rack Units = 2 U

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