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The microprocessor controlled loads of the series EA-EL 9000 (2400W - 7200W) accomplish most requirements in modern load concepts for industrial and R&D areas. Four common regulation modes - constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC), constant power (CP) and constant resistance (CR) - can be used in combination with any of three operation modes (A, B and A/B). In static operation the two values A and B can be set using a fine adjustment encoder. The user can switch between these two values, or an external source can be used via the trigger input. In dynamic operation the microcontroller switches between A and B according to programmed time and interval. For each value a pulse interval between 50μs and 100s can be set. In addition, a ramp up and down of between 30μs and 200ms can be set.
Temperature controlled power derating . Overtemperature protection (OT) . Pulse operation with adjustable pulse width 50μs-100s . Rise and fall time adjustable (slew rate) . All operation modes adjustable . Constant current (CC) . Constant voltage (CV) . Constant power (CP) . Constant resistance (CR) . Remote sense, trigger input, trigger output . Battery test mode with time and capacity counter. CE marked compliance to EMC, low voltage directives
Series = EL 9000
Load Type = Programmable
Constant Wattage Mode Range = 0 - 2400 W
Constant Voltage Mode Range = 0 - 750 V
Constant Current Mode Range = 0 - 25 A
Constant Resistance Mode Range = 0 - 40 Ohms
Rack Units = 2 U

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