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High-Load Linear Stage -- L-417

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High-Load Linear Stage -- L-417-Image

A new linear stage family with precision balls screws expands PIs product portfolio for industrial solutions. High-performance synchronous servo motors, heavy-duty recirculating ball bearings, and precision rotary and linear encoders are used. The optional holding brake allows use as Z axis. The ball screw can be re lubricated from the outside without disassembling to ensure high reliability and long lifetimes. It is also possible to integrate into a customer's central lubrication system. The covering strip on the side and the purge air connection prevent contamination by particles.

Pioneering design

Compared to the competition, the recirculating ball bearings of the L-417 series offer a higher load capacity and allow higher dynamics. The high resolution of the motors allow improved tracking performance, smaller tracking error, and improved settling times.


  • Holding brake (L-417.xxxxxxB)
  • Various rotary and linear encoders, absolute and incremental
  • Versions with linear encoder with optional drag chain and connection box (L-417.xxxxxxE1) or without drag chain (L-417.xxxxxxE0). L-417.xxx212 is only available in conjunction with drag chain option E1.
  • On request: Folded drivetrain with belt drive. This modification reduces the overall length.
  • On request: Calibration and certification
Synchronous servo motor

These motors have high positioning accuracy and high overload capacity over a large rotation speed range. High torque and low inertia ensure the high dynamics of the drives. The long lifetime, high performance, and robustness of these motors allow excellent results in industrial automation applications.

Application fields

Laser cutting, Electronics production, AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection), Automation. Applications with high demands on dynamics, precision, smooth motion, short settling times, and low tracking error.


Product Category
Linear Slides and Linear Stages
Axis Configuration
Z Axis Only
Stroke or X-Axis Travel
Rated Speed
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