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Cross Roller Slide Table

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The NB SLIDE TABLE is a precision table equipped with crossed roller slide ways. Its high-precision and low-friction characteristics make it well suited for use in electronics automatic-assembly machines, optical measurement devices, etc.

Benefits and Features At-a-Glance

All NB crossed roller tables feature a bed, table, and cross roller rail mechanism that have been precisely engineered to work together. Key advantages of this configuration include:

Improved accuracy

Even in high-performance environments. Precision-machined and matched components deliver accurate linear motion with no slippage over time

Lower friction

Thanks to a non-recirculating mechanism that stabilizes performance across a wide spectrum of speeds.

Smaller footprint

As it delivers load capacities up to 2.3 times higher than other products in its class, as well as improved rigidity characteristics.

Easy installation

With standardized mounting holes and no need for adjustment.


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Linear Slides and Linear Stages
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