Linear Slides and Linear Stages from H2W Technologies

Belt Stage (BL) -- BLS-048-020-ME-B-1

Belt Stage (BL) -- BLS-048-020-ME-B-1 -- View Larger Image
Belt Stage (BL) -- BLS-048-020-ME-B-1-Image


Product Category
Linear Slides and Linear Stages
Axis Configuration
X Axis Only; Z Axis Only (optional feature)
Stroke or X-Axis Travel
134 inch (3404 mm)
Rated Speed
200 in/sec (305 m/min)
Positioning Accuracy
5.00E-4 inch/inch (5.00E-4 mm/mm)
Vertical (optional feature); Inverted (optional feature); Horizontal; Custom Mounting
Device Type
Bearing Type
Drive Type
Motor Type
Motor Features