Linear Slides and Linear Stages from Durabond Slide

Custom Linear Slides - Rulon Coated Linear Motion Bearings

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Custom Linear Slides - Rulon Coated Linear Motion Bearings-Image

DuraBond can build custom linear slides designed for specific applications where standard linear slides may not be commercially available. Most available linear slides provide linear motion based on bearings, whether they are ball bearings, dovetail bearings or linear roller bearings. Linear stages, machine slides and other advanced slides use linear motion bearings to provide movement along both X and Y multiple axis. However, only Durabond can enhance your custom manual positioning slide using our unique Rulon coated bearing surface feature, making your metal slides maintenance free, requiring no lubrication.

This "no lube" feature is ideal for harsh and dirty environments where our custom linear slides/linear motion bearings thrive such as in machine tool, special machine, powertrain, fixturing, workholding and general manufacturing use, rather than for optics or motorized use. Don't settle for a standard slide when a custom one is needed for the optimum in performance and durability.

Durabond Slide offers:

  • Linear slides engineered and designed around standard models
  • Our manual positioning slides are easily configured to your application
  • Linear slide widths from 2” to 12”
  • Base lengths from 4” to 32”
  • Actuation includes Acme screw, hand feed, servo, pneumatic, and hydraulic
  • Accessories include locks, stops, way covers
  • Customer specified keyways and bolt patterns built to match existing patterns that you currently have.
  • X-Y-Z Axis Configurations available