Linear Slides and Linear Stages from Durabond Slide

Replacement Slides for Mechanical Spring Coilers

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Direct replacement linear slides are in stock for all Torin mechanical spring coilers, spring manufacturing machines, and wire machinery.

Advantages of DuraBond Replacement Slides

  • Low Maintenance
    • Rulon bearing surfaces are resistant to contamination and require no lubrication thus eliminating the need to adjust, grind and refit slides
  • High Rigidity
    • Square gib slide slide design provides the highest rigidity and load carrying capacity available.
  • Spring Quality
    • Historically, process capability on diameter and free length improve by more than 50%.
  • Reduced Setup Time
    • High rigidity eliminates the need to adjust end cams after pitching the spring body
  • High Performance
    • Historically, process capability improves by more than 50%
  • Long Life
    • Our Rulon coating technology used for our slide bearing surfaces has been used in the field for over 15 years with great success.
  • Warranty
    • Replacement and manual linear slides are guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase. If the linear slide fails to meet expectations we’ll repair it, replace it or refund your original investment.