Linear Slides and Linear Stages from AGI - American Grippers Inc.

Miniature Power Slide -- AGMS-1-3

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Miniature Power Slide -- AGMS-1-3-Image

T-Slot bearing support for the carriage and end plate offers superior load bearing performance throughout the stroke.Compact lightweight unit with built-in air cylinder.Piston seals are U-cup type for long service life.Standard built-in stroke adjustment and stroke lock for precise, repetitive operation.Hall Effect sensors are available to monitor stroke position.Multiple mounting surfaces on the body and endplate with threaded and counterbored holes for easy mounting choices.

Product Category
Linear Slides and Linear Stages
Axis Configuration
X Axis Only; X-Y-Z Axes
Stroke or X-Axis Travel
0.5000 to 1.5 inch (12.7 to 38.1 mm)
Rated Speed
12 in/sec (18.29 m/min)
Carriage Load
12 lbs (5.44 kg)
Vertical; Horizontal

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