H.C. Starck Inc. - Fabricated Products Group Datasheets for Specialty Metal Shapes and Stock

Specialty metal shapes and stock consists of metals and alloys with an unlisted, specialized or proprietary shape or stock form.
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Product Name Notes
Molybdenum Discs and Squares
Tungsten Discs
Tungsten Squares
Molybdenum and tungsten are widely used as contact materials in silicon controlled rectifiers diodes, transistors and thyristors (GTO’S). Other than in specialist applications, molybdenum is now accepted as the first...
Molybdenum Heating Elements All metal designs are typically selected for their rapid quench rates, faster pump down times, cleaner (carbon free) environments and higher achievable vacuum levels. Of the refractory metals used molybdenum,...
Molybdenum Glass Melting Electrodes Molybdenum Glass Melting Electrodes from H.C. Starck provide the industry with high standards for efficient glass melting and electric boosted melting. The high-temperature strength and rigidity of molybdenum electrodes, plus...