H.C. Starck Inc. - Fabricated Products Group Datasheets for Master Alloys and Alloying Additives

Master alloys and alloying additives are alloy element concentrates, grain refiners, hardeners, deoxidants and other agents added into a melt or metal powder blend to produce a particular alloy, modify a melt or alter processing characteristics.
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Product Name Notes
Molybdenum & Molybdenum Alloys -- Ammonium Dimolybdate
Molybdenum & Molybdenum Alloys -- Ammonium Heptamolybdate
Molybdenum & Molybdenum Alloys -- Molybdenum Metal Powder
Molybdenum & Molybdenum Alloys -- Molybdenum Pentachloride (MoCI5) - AMPERTEC™
Molybdenum & Molybdenum Alloys -- Molybdenum Trioxide
Molybdenum & Molybdenum Alloys -- Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate
Molybdenum & Molybdenum Alloys -- Sodium Molybdate Solution
H.C. Starck produces a wide range of molybdenum and molybdenum alloy mill products using two primary consolidation methods; vacuum arc-casting (VAC) and powder metallurgy (PM). The availability of products from...
Rhenium & Rhenium Alloys -- Ammonium perrhenate
Rhenium & Rhenium Alloys -- Perrhenic acid (HReO4)
Rhenium & Rhenium Alloys -- Rhenium metal powder (Re)
Rhenium & Rhenium Alloys -- Rhenium pellets (Re)
In the earth's crust, rhenium occurs even less frequently than gold. In its pure state, rhenium is a very hard, brilliant metal, similar to platinum, and can only be formed...
Magnesium niobate (MgNb2O6) Niobates are anorganic compounds that contain niobium and oxygen. These materials are characterized by good piezoelectric properties. To meet the needs of numerous applications, H.C. Starck provides a wide variety...
https://www.hcstarck.com/nickel_niobium_ninb -- Nickel Niobium (NiNb) - AMPERLOY®
Niobium & Niobium Alloys -- Niobates
Niobium & Niobium Alloys -- Niobium Ammonium Oxalate (NAmOx)
Niobium & Niobium Alloys -- Niobium Carbide (NbC)
Niobium & Niobium Alloys -- Niobium Metal Powder (Nb)
Niobium & Niobium Alloys -- Niobium Oxalate
Niobium & Niobium Alloys -- Niobium Oxide Capacitor Powder (NbO(N))
Niobium & Niobium Alloys -- Niobium Oxide Capacitor powder (NbO)
Niobium & Niobium Alloys -- Niobium pentachloride (NbCI5) - AMPERTEC™
Niobium is a light gray metal with a gleaming white appearance on polished surfaces. It is characterized by a high melting point of 2,477°C and a density of 8.58g/cm³. Niobium...
Tantalum & Tantalum Alloys -- Tantalates
Tantalum & Tantalum Alloys -- Tantalum carbide (TaC)
Tantalum & Tantalum Alloys -- Tantalum metal powder (Ta)
Tantalum & Tantalum Alloys -- Tantalum niobium carbide (TaNbC)
Tantalum & Tantalum Alloys -- Tantalum oxalate solution
Tantalum & Tantalum Alloys -- Tantalum oxide, Tantalum pentoxide (Ta2O5)
Tantalum & Tantalum Alloys -- Tantalum pentachloride (TaCI5) - AMPERTEC™
Tantalum is one of the rarest elements on earth. This platinum-gray colored metal has a density of 16.6 g/cm3 which is twice as dense as steel. Also, it is highly...
Molybdenum & Molybdenum Alloys -- Molybdenum Carbide (Mo2C)
Titanium carbide (TiC)
Titanium carbonitride (Ti(C, N))
The strength and wear resistance of carbide ceramics are impressive. The H.C. Starck portfolio includes ten carbidic ceramic precursors, including chromium carbide (Cr3C2), titanium carbide (TiC, TiCN). The most important...
Tungsten & Tungsten Alloys -- Ammonium metatungstate AMT
Tungsten & Tungsten Alloys -- Ammonium paratungstate APT
Tungsten & Tungsten Alloys -- Calcium tungstate (CaWO4)
Tungsten & Tungsten Alloys -- Cast tungsten carbide (W2C/WC)
Tungsten & Tungsten Alloys -- Sodium tungstate
Tungsten & Tungsten Alloys -- Tungsten carbide (WC)
Tungsten & Tungsten Alloys -- Tungsten hexachloride (WCI6) - AMPERTEC™
Tungsten & Tungsten Alloys -- Tungsten metal powder ultra high purity
Tungsten & Tungsten Alloys -- Tungsten metal powder WMP (W)
Tungsten & Tungsten Alloys -- Tungsten oxides (WO3)
Tungsten & Tungsten Alloys -- Tungsten titanium carbide (WTiC)
Tungsten & Tungsten Alloys -- Tungstic acid (H2WO4)
Tungsten (W) is one of the so-called transition metals with the atomic number 74. The shiny gray metal is in a solid state at room temperature. Tungsten is characterized by...