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Flat Lapping, (free abrasive machining).

The objectives in lapping are to obtain part flatness, parallelism, dimensional accuracy and quality surface finish. Of the four surface finishes are the most easily attained, since the evolved this system implies no loss of its honing capabilites. Where necessary finishes of 2rms or better can be obtained.Flatness is also easy to attain, because heat distortion during lapping is not a factor. To obtain parallelism, the parts are turned over minimizing the out of parallel relation ship between the pressure plate and the wheel. The parts are again ground thus brought to the flatness and parallelism required up to .0002. If you have a part that presents surfacing problems like finish, flatness or paralelism and conventional machining or grinding cannot solve it? Then you need to turn to Grindal Company we can help with the ability to lap special shapes , finish parts that cannot be magnetically chucked, exceptionally close tolerances, dissimilar metals, 2rms or better and parts ranging in size from .250 to 24' X 3' thick. Lapping can also be your solution to increased production,improved quality and reduced cost.

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Since 1965 Grindal has been providing precision grinding services. Our skilled craftsmen maintain the highest standards of quality for our customers.
Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM); Honing or Superfinishing; Mirror Finishing; Parts Washing; Refinishing
ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified

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