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PicoScope 2207B MSO is a 70 MHz 2-channel mixed signal oscilloscope which also functions as a 16-channel logic analyser, sampling at a maximum of 1 GS/s. It features built-in spectrum analysis, function/arbitrary waveform generation and serial bus analysis. The 2207B MSO has a buffer memory of 64 Msamples and a 1 MHz AWG signal generator. Fifteen automatic measurements are available in scope mode and another eleven in spectrum mode. Serial decoding is a standard PicoScope feature and includes SPI, I2C, FlexRay, CANbus, LINbus and ARINC. The 2207B MSO offers excellent waveform visualisation and measurement, as well as fast waveform update rates. It delivers the performance needed for advanced analysis of waveforms, including serial decoding and frequency plots. The PicoScope 2207B MSO takes advantage of the computing, display and communication power of an attached laptop or desktop PC â€" now incorporating pinch, zoom and drag capabilities.
Series = 2000
Bandwidth = 70MHz
Number of Analogue Channels = 2
Number of Digital Channels = 16
Sample Rate Random = 1 G samples/s
UART Interface = Yes
USB Interface = Yes
Vertical Resolution = 8 bit
Minimum Time Base = 1ns/div
Maximum Time Base = 5000s/div


Product Category
70 MHz
A/D Resolution
Host Interface
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