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Metrix OXi 6204 digital oscilloscope features fast sampling and high resolution with its 12 bit / 2.5 GS/s converter, 100 GS/s sampling on periodic signals and 2 ns transient capture (so avoiding undersampling). It offers a wide range of trigger possibilities including edge, pulse width, delay, counting and TV. It also includes the Backup/Restart mode on measurement thresholds with recording as a file. The complete Autoset function, in less than 5 s with recognition of the channels, is particularly useful for automatic configuration of the FFT analysis. The classic or advanced MATH functions can be used to cover special new functions, including simulation of a trace from its mathematical equation and modelling of an expected result. Equipped with 4 x 8000-count TRMS digital multimeters, the OXi 6204 can be used for the traditional voltage, resistance, continuity, capacitance and frequency measurements, as well as for diode tests. It can also measure temperature with a Pt100 sensor, in addition to single and three-phase power on a bandwidth of 200 kHz.
Number of Channels = 4
Bandwidth = 200MHz
Oscilloscope Type = Handheld
Power Source = Mains
Display Type = TFT LCD
Minimum Vertical Sensitivity = 2.5mV/div
Maximum Vertical Sensitivity = 200V/div
Minimum Time Base = 1ns/div
Maximum Time Base = 200s/div
Screen Size = 5.7in

Metrix Instrument Co.
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
200 MHz

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