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The PICOSCOPE 4444 1000 V CAT III KIT from Pico Technology is a high-resolution differential oscilloscope with three PicoConnect 442 1000V CAT III passive differential voltage probes and one TA271 single-ended D9-BNC adaptor. The PicoScope 4444 uses specially designed passive voltage probes that have smaller and lighter (or no) interface boxes makes multiple differential measurements at the same time while never occupying more than one power socket. Its intelligent probe interface automatically configures the PicoScope display to probes. The four D9 inputs allow to make true differential measurements. The 12bit resolution of the PicoScope 4444 offers 16 times as much vertical detail and its deeper capture memory of 256MS gives it greater horizontal resolution. It is used in non-ground-referenced measurements, safe probing of single phase and 3-phase voltages and currents, measuring power drawn by mobile and IoT devices, hybrid and electric vehicle design, motor drives and inverters.
Deep-memory oscilloscopes (256MS deep memory), waveform buffer and navigator,Hardware acceleration engine (HAL3), 100000 waveforms per second,Maximum input range at full scale is ±50V (±1000V using the PicoConnect 442 1000V CAT III probe),Maximum common-mode range is also ±50V (also ±1000V with the PicoConnect 442 probe),Low voltage probe for millivolts to 50V and 20MHz bandwidth,1000V CAT III probe for high voltage applications,Rejects common mode noise, signal integrity, digital triggers,Waveform buffer and navigator
Model Number = PQ074
For Use With = PicoScope 4444 Differential Oscilloscope
Kit Type = Differential Oscilloscope Kit
Kit Contents = High-Resolution Differential Oscilloscope, PicoConnect 442 1000 V CAT III Passive Differential Voltage Probes x 3, TA271 Single Ended D9-BNC Adapter
Dimensions = 190 x 170 x 40mm
Height = 40mm
Length = 190mm
Width = 170mm

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