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As a traditional analog oscilloscope, RS Pro ISR-6051 can immediately represent a waveform on its 6 inch CRT display. The benefit is a faster update rate. A digital storage oscilloscope needs to digitally sample a signal before that signal can be displayed. An analog oscilloscope displays the signal in real-time, with less risk of modifying any part of the original signal. Its ability to measure waveform intensity makes the analog oscilloscope an instrument of choice in some fields e.g. TV and video. The RS Pro ISR-6051 has a built-in 6-digit frequency counter, cursor and numerical readouts, making waveform observation and measurement fast and accurate. Setup save/recall enable regular setups to be recalled for ease-of-use and for production test applications.
Calibrated = RSCAL
Number of Channels = 2
Bandwidth = 50MHz
Maximum Time Base = 0.5s/div
Minimum Time Base = 0.2µs/div
Maximum Vertical Sensitivity = 20V/div
Minimum Vertical Sensitivity = 1mV/div
Rise Time = 50 ns @ 2 mV/div, 7 ns @ 20 V/div
Display Type = LCD
Input Capacitance = 25 pF

Product Category
50 MHz

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