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RS Pro RSDS1000CFL Series digital storage oscilloscopes offer faster sampling rates and higher bandwidths than other RSDS1000 Series scopes. They provide four channels, with an external trigger input channel. Bandwidth is up to 300 MHz, depending on choice of model. A set of separate vertical controls for each input channel means there are no risks of accidentally modifying the wrong trace. There is no need to switch between channels, as is the case with some other oscilloscopes. Powerful triggering and analysis capabilities make it easy to capture and analyse waveforms, greatly improving test efficiency.
Number of Channels = 4
Bandwidth = 100MHz
Oscilloscope Type = Digital Storage
Series = RSDS1000
Power Source = Mains
Display Type = Colour, TFT LCD
Minimum Vertical Sensitivity = 2mV/div
Maximum Vertical Sensitivity = 5V/div
Minimum Time Base = 1ns/div
Maximum Time Base = 50s/div


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100 MHz
Number of Input Channels
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