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Keysight’s InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series oscilloscopes are engineered to give you quality, industry-proven technology at low prices. Now it’s easy to get professional measurements and accessible expertise at your fingertips.
134-6146 - 50MHz 2 channel,134-6147 - 50MHz 2 channel + 20MHz waveform generator,134-6148 - 70MHz 2 channel,134-6149 - 70MHz 2 channel + 20MHz waveform generator,134-6150 - 100MHz 2 channel + bandwidth upgrade,134-6151 - 100MHz 2 channel + waveform generator + bandwidth upgrade
50 to 100 MHz â€" See more signal detail with 50,000 wfms/sec update rate,Test quickly and easily with a simple, intuitive user interface and built-in help and training signals,Get professional-level functionality with industry-leading software analysis and 6-in-1 instrument integration,Intuitive GUI and built-in help available in 15 different languages,USB save for setups, reference waveforms and mask files,Connectivity compatibility with BenchVue to visualize multiple measurements simultaneously,Offline analysis software with Infiniium Offline PC-based oscilloscope analysis software for additional signal viewing, analysis and documentation tasks while away from your oscilloscope,Professional performance,Frequency response analysis (Bode Plot) (EDUX1002G and DSOX1102G only),WaveGen function generator (EDUX1002G and DSOX1102G only),Serial protocol analyzer (with additional software) communication protocols I2C, UART/RS-232, and automotive protocols CAN, LIN,Digital voltmeter - measurements can be made with the same connection,Frequency counter - 5-digit accuracy up to oscilloscope bandwidth
Number of Channels = 1 (Digital), 2 (Analog)
Bandwidth = 50MHz
Oscilloscope Type = Bench
Series = 1000 X
Power Source = Mains
Display Type = TFT LCD WVGA
Maximum Vertical Sensitivity = 10V/div
Minimum Time Base = 5ns/div
Maximum Time Base = 50s/div
Screen Size = 7in

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50 MHz

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