Network Design and Development Services

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Wireless Communication Consulting Services


  • Cellular/PCS System Design and Relocation
  • GSM/CDMA/UMTS Expertise
  • Broadband/WiMAX Capabilities (Fixed and Mobile)
  • Land Mobile Radio Engineering
  • Propagation Studies
  • Wireless Quality Test & Analysis
  • Off-Air Wireless Monitoring and Analysis
  • Wireless Protocol Analysis and Emulation

Company Information

With its proven expertise of over 30 years, GL has a comprehensive suite of telecom testing solutions to verify and ensure 'quality and reliability' of variety of telecom networks including Wireless, and high-speed fiber optic lines. A privately held company, founded in 1986, GL offers customers a team of seasoned experts with a broad understanding of the specific challenges they face and the technical creativity to meet complex requirements.

Headquarters located in Gaithersburg, MD.