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When constructing, modifying or updating facilities for Laboratory, Medical, Dental and Healthcare facilities, MarShield is an excellent solution for your custom radiation protection, shielding and storage needs. MarShield also highly specializes in design consultation for the Nuclear Industry including Rad Waste Systems and Containment Vessels. Our team of experts understand the paramount importance of protection and safety and will work with you to deliver exceptional results. We always work within regulatory requirements and practices of ALARA.

On-Site Consultation Services

Our Health Physics Engineer can provide convenient on-site consulting to find workable solutions for your project. They will take the time to understand your requirements and challenges to allow you to deliver high-quality results. We can come to your site or work with you remotely to provide customizable recommendations for your facility, at your convenience.

Our In-House CAD and Engineering can provide a visual representation of your design solution in our virtual CAD environment. We can create customizable solutions using CAD that you can provide to all areas of your project management team.

With over 38 years of expertise, MarShield is a North American Manufacturer and Global Supplier of Medical Radiation Shielding Products. Our extensive inventory of products is available at competitive pricing to ensure that your project is a success. To discover more about our services contact or (800) 381-5335.

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MarShield is a North American manufacturer and global supplier of Nuclear Radiation Shielding Solutions, Medical Radiation Shielding Solutions and Radiation Contractor Shielding Supplies

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