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Electro Standards Laboratories – Advanced Systems Design & Services

Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), Cranston, RI, has an extensive track record of technological advancements: state-of-the-art fiber optic switches, complex fiber optic cable assemblies, calibration-quality strain gauge and LVDT indicators, ultra capacitors, hybrid ultra capacitor / battery power systems, and advanced motor controls with application to aircraft launch and arrest systems.

Areas of Excellence:

  • Products: Data network switches, interface converters and cable assemblies. Data acquisition, lithium ion capacitor cells and multi-cell modules.
  • Data Network Design and Installation Services: Chain store rollouts and gaming network and video lottery terminal (VLT) installation. Commercial, government and military installations.
  • R&D Contract Engineering Services: Innovative solutions for hybrid electric vehicles, electromagnetic aircraft launch system, sensorless linear motor/motion control, power control and ocean energy harvesting systems. Innovative products developed for commercial and government.
R&D Cutting-Edge Contract Engineering Services

Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL) Contract Engineering Services Group has the ability to devise a solution and carry it from theory to product design, to manufacturing, testing, installation and operation. ESL's cutting-edge engineering solutions are based on over 30 years of technological experience and thousands of real-world applications. Because ESL has its own manufacturing capabilities, the ESL Engineering Services Group can design, build, and deliver custom products for each project in prototype or production quantities. This guarantees functionality and performance along with unsurpassed quality control.

ESL's R&D Engineering Services Group is significantly involved in a number of projects including Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch Systems (EMALS), hybrid electric vehicles and precision instrumentation. The ESL Engineering Services Group works as an extension of its client's R&D team and works from theory to simulation, design, development, programming, etc., to develop working systems. Electro Standards develops innovative products for commercial, industrial, and military applications.

ESL's R&D Engineering Services Group is involved in the design of Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting Systems designed for Sensor Buoys. The targeted applications for this technology include:

  • Recharging Stations for UUV (unmanned underwater vehicles)
  • Replacement for Solar Power
  • Augmentation of Solar Power
  • Elimination of Batteries
  • Sonar Listening Stations
  • Weather Monitoring Buoys
  • Wave Monitoring Buoys
  • Tsunami Warning Stations
  • Port Monitoring Buoys
  • Hybrid Battery/Super Capacitor Systems

Certify; Design; Installation
Hard Wired
Copper Wire; Fiber Optics
Optical Fibers; Cell Towers; Radio

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