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The Ultra-Cinch range of cable ties from Panduit® can be adjusted, released and re-used hundreds of times making it ideal for applications requiring frequent moves, additions or changes. Its low profile contoured cinch ring provides extra strength and bundle tightness while reducing overall bundle size while the grommet (UGCTC and UGCTE styles) offers strength and assures reliable installations that resist pull-out when bundling and mounting cables within cabinet applications.
Available in a range of colours . Operating temperature range: 0°F - 140°F (-18°C - 60°C). Use flat head screws for grommet applications. Snag free threading to speed installation. Ideal for applications requiring frequent moves
Series = UCT
Length = 305mm
Width = 21.6 mm
Colour = Black
Material = Nylon
Maximum Bundle Diameter = 76mm
Minimum Operating Temperature = -18°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = 60°C
Quantity = 10


Panduit Corp.
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Hook and Loop Fasteners
Hook & Loop
Thermal Resistance
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