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These 3M Command™ Picture Hanging Strips attach to the wall or surface using a Command™ Adhesive Strip that provides strong holding power but can still be removed from the wall cleanly. The other face of the hanging strips feature hook and loop interlocking fasteners which snap together and can be removed and repositioned easily and repeatedly. ,3M’s Picture Hanging Strips can be used on a wide range of surfaces and are quick and simple to install without the need for tools. These pressure-sensitive adhesive strips have a stretchable foam backing which can be removed cleanly from most surfaces.
Width = 92.7mm
Length = 6.4mm
Hook Type = Interlocking Fastener
Colour = White
Pre-cut = Yes
Model Number = 17207BL


Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Hook and Loop Fasteners
Hook & Loop
92.7 mm (3.65 inches)
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