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Assembly systems opened and closed with pins. Easily adjusted. No holes or drilling required. An audible click indicates closure. Can be opened and closed more than 1000 times. Can be used for most materials. Provides a simple, quick and durable solution for a wide range of applications. Supplied in dispensers. The high-performance adhesive on acrylic foam ensures excellent adhesion, even on grainy or irregular surfaces. The SJ3550 model is available in 2 lengths. Available in black or clear. Model ref. SJ355X is pre-cut into 25 tabs of 25 x 25 mm.
Width = 25mm
Length = 5m
Hook Type = Hook & Loop
Colour = Black
Pre-cut Width = 25mm
Pre-cut = Yes
Pre-cut Length = 25mm
Model Number = SJ354X


Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Hook and Loop Fasteners
Hook & Loop
25 mm (0.9843 inches)
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