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Indium Corporation offers recycle and reclaim programs for indium, gallium, germanium, and tin metals, as well as a program for recycling solder and solder dross.

Metals Recycling

Indium Corporation offers reclaim services for most indium-containing materials including:

  • Spent targets
  • Used bonding materials
  • Other unneeded or excess materials
  • Worn out/replaced cryogenic seals

Indium Corporation is a longtime supplier of reclaim services and has the largest capacity worldwide. Our program offers:

  • Analytic reporting
  • High-yield return
  • Competitive pricing

Solder and Dross Recycling

Indium Corporation recognizes the need for safe and efficient reclaim of metals used in the soldering process.

Key Benefits

  • VALUE-ADDED PROCESS – complements complete line of solder products and services
  • SIMPLE and EASY – detailed instructions tell you exactly what you need to do
  • SAFE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT – environmentally conscious, electrolytic recycling of your used solder into usable solder that is as pure, or more pure, than virgin metal

Services Offered
Analytical Testing / Inspection

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