Industrial Indexing Systems, Inc. Datasheets for Motion Controllers

Motion controllers range from simple linear controllers to complex, user-programmable modules that act as controllers within complex integrated multi-axis motion systems.
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Product Name Notes
Luminary Servo Drive -- LD-101
Luminary Servo Drive -- LD-330
Luminary Servo Drive -- LD-500
Luminary Series Servo Drives provide the OEM market with a low cost but high performance servo drive for use in applications such as x-y tables, actuators, roll feeders, or any...
Emerald Automation Controller - EMC-2100
Emerald Servo Drive -- ESD-10
Emerald Servo Drive -- ESD-20
Emerald Servo Drive -- ESD-25
Emerald Servo Drive -- ESD-40
Emerald Servo Drive -- ESD-5
Emerald Servo Drive -- ESD-50
Emerald Servo Drive -- ESD-60
The Emerald Servo Drives can be configured as a standalone full featured position controller and drive combo or used in a networked automation system. At-A-Glance Designed to control high speed...
Luminary Automation Motion Controller -- LMC-400 The LMC-400 Luminary Automation Controller features multi-axis capability to control four Luminary Series drives and provide access to 36 I/O points. The LMC-400 features a master encoder input bus and...