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From Panasonic, this DR-SDS Series reed relay is miniature in size and very reliable. With high sensitivity and contact pressure and boasting excellent environmental qualities, this DR-SDS Series miniature reed relay is dependable and versatile.
• Reed changeover relay in DIL grid with 10 cN contact force. • Protection rating IP67. • Design with earth pin and print connections. • Tested in accordance with DIN 40046. • ECL, HTL and TTL compatible. • One changeover contact. • Response/fall/debounce time: 1.0 / 0.5 / 0.4 ms . • Electric strength: Cont. / cont. / coil: 750 / 1500 Veff . • Pitch: 2.54 mm
Contact Configuration = SPDT
Coil Voltage = 12V dc
Maximum Switching Current AC = 0.3 A
Maximum Switching Current DC = 1 A
Maximum Switching Voltage AC = 110V ac
Maximum Switching Voltage DC = 30V dc
Coil Power = 135mW
Coil Resistance = 1.14 kOhms
Length = 20mm
Height = 8.5mm

Product Category
Reed Relays
Single Pole (SP)
Number if >4
1 #
Double Throw
Contact Ratings
Maximum Switching Current
1.00 amps

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AC Voltage
DC Voltage
Coil Ratings
DC Coil Voltage

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