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Company Information
Franke Plating is dedicated to providing customers with the best quality and turnaround time. 79 years of dedication to our customers. Consulting with our customers to insure the best application for their needs.
Plating Processes
Cadmium Plating; Hard Chrome Plating; Copper Plating; Hard Nickel Plating; Tin Plating; Zinc Plating; Electroless; Zinc and Magy Phosphate
ISO 9001:2000; MIL-SPEC / MIL-STD; RoHS; Lockheed Martin Certified Code Cage #FO
Material / Substrate
Steel / Steel Alloys; Exotic Metals; Aluminum; Copper / Copper Alloys; Iron / Cast Iron; Nickel / Nickel alloys; Stainless Steel; Tungsten
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