Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc. Datasheets for Refractory and Reactive Metals

Refractory metals are a class of metals that are extraordinarily resistant to heat and wear and have extremely high melting points. Reactive metals have a strong affinity for oxygen and nitrogen at elevated temperatures and are highly resistant to corrosion at low temperatures.
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Product Name Notes
TruForm™ Cobalt Powders -- 188
TruForm™ Cobalt Powders -- 509 (Co-222)
TruForm™ Cobalt Powders -- CoCr (Co-538)
TruForm™ Titanium Powders -- 4822 (Ti-4822)
TruForm™ Titanium Powders -- 6242 (Ti-301)
TruForm™ Titanium Powders -- 64-23 (Ti-123)
TruForm™ Titanium Powders -- 64-5 (Ti-105)
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