Sealed Air Corporation Datasheets for Bags and Sacks

Bags and sacks are used for a wide variety of storage, packaging and shipping applications. They include bags and sacks made of all kinds of materials.
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Product Name Notes
Packaging Bags -- Cryovac® Multibag portion bag All the benefits of a barrier bag with the added bonus of portion control
Food Packaging Bags -- Cryovac Grip & Tear® Portion Pull Bag Allows consumers and foodservice operators to use only what they need without removing the entire product from its packaging, keeping unused portions fresh longer
Vacuum-packaged Bags -- Cryovac® Grip & Tear™ Bags Easily opened by pulling a tab, the Cryovac Grip & Tear® bag's design eliminates the mess created by opening some bags, and keeps fingers, counters and utensils clean
Cryovac® HangPak™ Bags Innovative bag offers exceptional shrink while providing ability to hang products on pegboard display
Vacuum-packaged Bags -- Cryovac QuickRip® Bags Introducing the new Next Generation Bag for boneless fresh red meat, complete with knifeless, easy-open Cryovac QuickRip® technology. This innovative, high-performance packaging was designed specifically to improve efficiencies and safety...
Ovenable Packaging -- Oven Ease® Bags Oven Ease® packaging opens up a world of delicious new product options that go straight into the oven in the package for simpler, safer cooking with little preparation. We've taken...
Meat Packaging Bag -- Cryovac® Flood-printed Bag Unique barrier bag offering edge to edge printing now available with metallic sheen - a new alternative to traditional foil wraps for meats