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The Fibreframe Lite is a 19 Inch 1U panel constructed from robust solid steel supporting patch or splicing applications. The populated patch panels in this range are available with different combinations of flangeless adapters, pigtails splice cassettes and splice Protector holders. With a multifunctional back plate, different cables can be brought in to the rear of the panel without exchanging various back plates. A telescopic draw with a tilt of 15° provides easy access to the back of the connectors and cassettes for maintenance purposes. For splicing applications, the panel has the space for 2 x ACS (Advanced Cassette System) cassettes. The ACS cassettes can house 24 fibres and also provide a convenient method of storing any fibre over length securely. A sturdy hinge mechanism allows easy access to fibres without the need for any special tooling.
• Standard 19 Inch 1U size. • Robust steel construction. • Multifunctional back plate. • Telescopic draw with a 15° tilt. • Up to 48 fibres per 1U. • ACS splice cassette technology accepting up to 24 fibres per cassette
• Data centres. • FITH. • Broadband
Connector Type = LC
Number of Ports = 24
Number of Populated Ports = 48
Panel Type = Patch Panel
Single/Multimode = Multimode
Simplex/Duplex = Simplex
Rack Height = 1U
Dimensions = 439 x 200 x 44mm
Depth = 200mm
Height = 44mm


Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Patch Panels
Port Type
Fibre Optic Patch Panels
Height in U
Cable Specifications
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