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The STX Mounting Rail Distributors are available for either loose-tube, mini-breakout or breakout cables of up to 12 fibers using splice techniques or for fiber optic adaptors using pre-assembled fiber optic links. Fiber optic adaptor types including ST, SC Duplex, SC-RJ, LC Duplex, E2000 and E2000 Compact can be installed in the interchangeable front panel. The installer can flexibly feed the cables from three directions while easily maintaining minimum bending radii using a storage reserve with additional cable retainers. Versions with pre-assembled adaptors are already available for mini-breakout and breakout cables. For loose-tube cables, the distributors are supplied with ready-to-splice, coloured pigtails and cable strain relief. For generic cabling in control cabinets, Telegärtner offers outlets and distributors which can be mounted directly next to one another on the mounting rail. They form the ideal connection between the arriving installation lines and the wiring inside the control cabinet. The components can be quickly and easily mounted on conventional TH 35 rails by simply clicking them in place.
Connector Type = ST
Number of Ports = 6
Number of Populated Ports = 6
Single/Multimode = Multimode
Simplex/Duplex = Duplex
Dimensions = 35 x 125 x 140mm
Depth = 140mm
Height = 35mm
Width = 125mm


Product Category
Patch Panels
Port Type
Fibre Optic Patch Panels
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