Dow Polyurethanes Datasheets for Foam Cores

Foam cores and foam core materials are low density, high porosity materials used between structural skins to form a cored laminate with increased stiffness. Industrial foams consist of low density elastomers, plastics, or other materials with internal open or closed porosity.
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Product Name Notes
Allows fast, highly automated production. Excellent flowability and density distribution allow sophisticated cabinet design. Application Cold Storage, Appliances, Water Heaters
Based on a novel CO2 blowing technology showing major improvements compared to traditional water blown technology, Provides excellent appearance and homogeneous surface color in the molded part, Superior comfort and...
Designed specifically for heavy-duty filter applications
Excellent dimensional stability, Superior workability Applications Appliances, Water Heaters
Excellent workability, Reduced pressure build-up during foaming Applications Appliances, Water Heaters
Oil and diesel fuel filters, Available in filled and unfilled versions, Available in foamed and compact versions.
Premium grade petroleum filters, Hydrophobic properties for improved performance.
Significantly superior demold characteristics, Good processability, Good flowability, Good density distribution, High strength, Low lambda values, Good cold temperature stability. Applications Appliances, Water Heaters
Suitable for automotive interior trims such as dashboards, sun visors and armrests, Excellent energy absorption properties which play an important role in safety, Excellent adhesion to substrates such as vinyl...
Suitable for sound and vibration dampening, Carpet underlayment and firewall applications
Water blown foams, Fast curing systems provide increased productivity,Systems can be based on TDI, MDI or TDI/MDI blends, Good foam processability, Good durability, Wide load bearing range, Suitable for automotive...