Lowy Enterprises, Inc. Datasheets for Cordage, Rope, and Webbing

Cordage, rope and webbing are made of many natural and/or synthetic fibers that are twisted and/or braided or woven into a length.
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Product Name Notes
Binding Tape -- WBTAPE3/034
Binding Tape -- WBTAPE3/100
Binding Tape
Polypropylene Webbing -- WBPOL-HR/200 black (special order), foliage green
Nylon Webbing -- WBN6/100 Black , Foliage
Cord -- CORD-B/4 Black, Blue Mix, Grey Mix, Red Mix
Cord -- CORD-B/9 Black, Blue Mix, Red Mix
Cord -- CORD-B/6 Black, Blue Mix, Yellow Mix
Nylon Webbing -- WBN3/034
Nylon Webbing -- WBN3/038
Nylon Webbing -- WBN3/058
black, bright red, forest green, purple, royal blue, red
Nylon Webbing -- WBN3/112 black, bright red, royal blue
Nylon Webbing -- WBN3/100 black, brown, bright red, forest green, hot green, hot orange, hot pink, olive drab, purple, royal blue, red, silver, white, yellow
Polypropylene Webbing -- WBPOL/100 black, brown, burgundy, forest green, gold, navy blue, purple, rainbow, royal blue, red, silver, teal, yellow, white
Polypropylene Webbing -- WBPOL/200 black, brown, forest green, gold, navy blue, purple, royal blue, red, silver, white, yellow
Polypropylene Webbing -- WBPOL-H/100 black, brown, olive drab, purple, royal blue, red, white, woodland camouflage, USA Flag
Nylon Webbing -- WBCOR/100
Nylon Webbing -- WBN6/300
black, coyote brown, olive drab, foliage green
Nylon Webbing -- WB7R (resin) black, coyote, foliage green, olive drab
Nylon Webbing -- WBSCU/200-STIFF black, coyote, olive drab (SPECIAL ORDER)
Polypropylene Webbing -- WBPOL/112 black, gold, green, purple, royal blue, red, white, yellow, silver
Cord -- CORD-B/5 Black, Mandarin Mix, Green Mix
Cotton Webbing -- WBCOT1/100 black, natural
Bungee Shock Cord -- BU-CPL Black, Olive Drab, Coyote Brown, Foliage Green
Nylon Webbing -- WBN3/114 black, olive drab, coyote brown
Nylon Webbing -- WBN6/112 black, olive drab, coyote, foliage green
Nylon Webbing -- WB13R (resin) black, olive drab, coyote
Nylon Webbing -- WB8U black, olive drab, natural
Rope -- COROPE/0716 Black, Olive Drab, Tan
Polypropylene Webbing -- WBPOL-H/112 black, olive drab, white
Cotton Webbing -- WBCOT6L/114
Nylon Webbing -- WB8C-R (resin)
black, olive drab
Bungee Shock Cord -- EL22 black, olive, coyote brown, foliage
Polypropylene Webbing -- WBPOL-H/200 black, orange, royal blue, red, white, yellow
Binding Tape -- WBTAPE-R/058
Binding Tape -- WBTAPE-R/078
black, orange
Cord -- CORD-B/7 Black, Red Mix, Black/Melon Mix, Sprout Mix
Cord -- CORD-B/3 Black, Red Mix, Forest Mix, Mandarin Mix, Purple
Cord -- CORD-B/8 Black, Red Mix, Sprout Mix
Nylon Webbing -- WB7U black, red, royal blue
Nylon Webbing -- WB18 black, royal blue, red, white
Nylon Webbing -- WB13U black, royal blue
Tubular Webbing -- WBTUB/100 black, white, olive drab, coyote, red, royal blue, foliage green, yellow
Nylon Webbing -- WB17 black, white, red, royal blue
Nylon Webbing -- WBTAPE4/100
Polypropylene Webbing -- WBPOL/012
Polypropylene Webbing -- WBPOL/034
Polypropylene Webbing -- WBPOL/300
black, white
Bungee Shock Cord -- EL23
Nylon Webbing -- WB10U
Nylon Webbing -- WB12U
Nylon Webbing -- WB8R (resin)
Nylon Webbing -- WBN4/058
Nylon Webbing -- WBN4/100
Nylon Webbing -- WBN5/100
Nylon Webbing -- WBN6/034
Nylon Webbing -- WBSCU/112
Nylon Webbing -- WBSCU/200
Nylon Webbing -- WBTAPE2/200
Polypropylene Webbing -- WBPOL-H/300
Polypropylene Webbing -- WBPOL-H/400
Seat Belt Webbing -- WBCSBT/112
Seat Belt Webbing -- WBSBT/2-BLK
Seat Belt Webbing -- WBSBT/2-BLK/M
Bungee Shock Cord -- BU
Bungee Shock Cord -- BU-CANBALL
Bungee Shock Cord -- BU-H
Bungee Shock Cord -- BU-HK
Bungee Shock Cord -- BU-HK/014-ADJ
Bungee Shock Cord -- BU-HK/038-ADJ
Bungee Shock Cord -- BU/0316
Bungee Shock Cord
Nylon Webbing -- WB26R (resin) camouflage green
Nylon Webbing -- WB9/300 Commercialblack (non-Berry)
Cord -- CORD-550/C
Cord -- CORD-550/M
Cotton Webbing -- WBCOT2A Cotton Webbing
Cotton Webbing -- WBCOT3L/114 khaki
Nylon Webbing -- WBN6/200 Mil-Specblack,olive drab, coyote brown, foliage green
Nylon Webbing -- WBPIST/214 military style pistol belts
Nylon Webbing -- WB19R (resin) natural
Seat Belt Webbing -- WBSBT-S/200 olive drab, orange, burgundy, gray, navy blue, coyote
Cotton Webbing -- WBCOT1-R/100 olive drab, tan
Seat Belt Webbing -- WBSBT-B/2 purple
Nylon Webbing -- WB4040/200
Seat Belt Webbing -- WBSBT/2
red, royal blue
Rope -- COROPE-R3 Rope
Cord -- CORD/018 Various available. Click on picture for Color Chart.
Cord -- CORD-F
Cord -- CORD/0116
Cord -- CORD/014
Cord -- CORD/018-DIAMOND
Cord -- CORD/0316
Various. Click on picture for Color Chart.
Tubular Webbing -- WBTUBB/0916
Tubular Webbing -- WBTUBB/100
Tubular Webbing -- WBTUBB/200
Tubular Webbing -- WBTUB/012
Tubular Webbing -- WBTUB/034