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Whatever your needs, we have various eye-catching colours and compounds so you get the right filament for your print. And rest assured, our filaments have been endlessly tested to ensure that they are up to the job.
• Excellent mechanical properties. • Excellent interlayer adhesion, especially when using the front door add-on. • Withstands temperatures up to 85 ºC. • Great for exceptionally strong prototypes or end-use parts. • Achieve nicer aesthetics compared to other ABS filaments. • Formulated for an easy 3D printing experience with minimal warping and good bed adhesion
Printing Technology = FDM
Printing Material = ABS
Colour = Silver
For Use With = Ultimaker 3D Printers
Weight = 750g
Diameter = 2.85mm

Product Category
Specialty Fibers, Fabrics, and Textiles
Fiber / Filament; 3D Printing Materials

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