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bq 1.75mm diameter PLA plastic coil. With quick hardening characteristics, there’s no risk of deformation before the material becomes solid again. 3D printing combined with the bq PLA 3D filaments makes creating your objects a breeze. The bq filaments also have a low thermal tension. Biodegradable and good for the environment. The optimal temperature to 3D print at is between 200 - 220゚C
100% Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA). Coil size (diameter x height): 195 mm x 85 mm . Compatible with: Any printer that uses 1.75mm filament
Printing Material = PLA
Colour = Turquoise
For Use With = BQ 3D Printer
Weight = 1kg
Diameter = 1.75mm

Product Category
Specialty Fibers, Fabrics, and Textiles
Fiber / Filament; 3D Printing Materials

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