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bq Filaflex is an elastic filament that enables elastic parts to be created and printed in 3D, no need to modify your printer. This revolutionary material is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), consisting of a polyurethane base with some additives to make it printable in the 3D printer
The Filaflex elastic filament is fully compatible with bq Witbox 2 and Hephestos Prusa printers
• 1.75 mm available. • +-0.08 mm tolerance. • Printing temperature (220 -260 °C). • Print speed (30 - 50 mm/s). • Tensile Modules 95 MPa. • High adhesion with 3D printed bed. • Heatbed base not required. • Kapton tape not required. • Do not need special adhesion spray. • Odourless. • Resistant to acetone, fuel and solvent. • Spool size 133 x 55 mm
Printing Material = Filaflex
Colour = Beige
For Use With = BQ Hephestos 2, BQ Hot-End Heatcore DDG, BQ Witbox 2
Weight = 500g
Diameter = 1.75mm


Product Category
Specialty Fibers, Fabrics, and Textiles
Fiber / Filament; 3D Printing Materials
Width / OD
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