Allied Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for Petroleum and Mineral Oil Products

Petroleum products and mineral oil products include substances such as fluids and greases.
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Product Name Notes
A multi-purpose grease, provides rust and corrosion protection. All GC Aerosols, Except as noted contain no Ecology-Damaging Fluorocarbons
High quality non-gumming instrument oil. Tube extends and retracts. Excellent for instruments, gears, timers, clocks and other densely mechanized items. All GC Aerosols, Except as noted contain no Ecology-Damaging Fluorocarbons...
1, 1-Dichloro-1-Fluoro- Ethane, Heptane, Carbon Dioxide Chemical Components, Solvent Cleaner Light, oil-based contact treatment with active ingredients to counteract oxidation. Lowers contact resistance, inhibits arcing, lubricates and protects against corrosion.
Chemical, Lithium Soap, Mineral Oils, Zinc Oxide Material Provides superior lubrication and protection against corrosion and oxidation. Reduces friction and wear. Retains consistency over a wide range of temperatures. Flash...
Deep Pentrating Lubricant, 11 ounces
Lubricant, Mild Petroleum Odor, 450 °F Flash Point, Mineral Oil Material Superior calcium stearate base grease compound for general use. Provides excellent lubrication for bearings, appliances, hand tools, bicycles and...