Castrol Industrial North America, Inc. Datasheets for Industrial Greases

Industrial greases are thickened gels that consist of natural, synthetic, or semi-synthetic substances. They do not run off surfaces and are used in a variety of lubrication, sealing, and exclusion applications.
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Product Name Notes
High Temperature Grease Castrol High Temperature Grease is specially formulated for vehicles having disc or drum braking problems. It provides maximum protection against heat, rust and corrosion while resisting meltdown at high temperatures.
Multi-Purpose Chassis Grease Castrol MP Multi-Purpose Chassis Grease is an NLGI #2 lithium-based, water-resistant grease for automotive and light-truck applications.
Premium Long Life Full Synthetic Grease Castrol Premium Long Life Full Synthetic Grease is a breakthrough in lubrication technology. Its full synthetic formula provides protection, durability and performance that far surpass conventional greases.
Wheel Bearing Grease Castrol Wheel Bearing Grease is an NLGI#2 lithium complex grease recommended for vehicles having disc or drum braking systems.