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Accutek's mechanical testing qualifications include:

  • - Tensile (ounces to 60,000+ lbs)
  • - Fatigue (axial, bending, torsion, roller chain)
  • - Rotating Beam
  • - Charpy Impact (NIST Certified)
  • - Hardness (micro to Brinell, including Shore A)
  • - Abrasion (Taber, micro-motion, porous coating)
  • - Torque Friction
  • - Welding
  • - Adhesives

Company Information
For 20 years, major companies across industries, including aerospace, medical, power generation and manufacturing, have turned to Accutek for their product conformance, materials identification, and failure analysis needs.
Hydraulics; Testing; TestDevelop; Comparison; In-Process; DVT; Evaluation; Reliability; Failure Analysis; Certification; TestFixture; SamplePrep
A2LA; ISO 17025

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