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By creatively utilizing our integrated in-house capabilities, Wisconsin Foam is able to maintain complete control over all quality, pricing and delivery specifications.

A sampling of our impressive services includes:

• 2 axis CNC contour cutting

• 3 axis CNC routing

• PSA laminating of foam glued to foam or other


• Die cutting

• Water jet cutting - low tooling cost & low concavity

• Convoluting

• Closed cell splitting and slitting - F & K Machinery

• Wire cutting - vertical slitting - Baumer Equipment

• Part stripping

• Compression cutting, special shape cutting and much more.

• Finished part a assembly - Foam to corrugated, fabric or plastics

• Multi cavity depth packaging designs

• Engineered wood crates & skids

After carefully analyzing the most cost-effective approach for your project, we will also complete partial or full assembly processes to efficiently satisfy all stages of production.

Wisconsin Foam welcomes the opportunity to resolve your most demanding flexible foam application challenge! Through the development of new applications and the continuous improvement of existing programs, we are able to consistently and cost-effectively engineer your projects on-time and to specifications. To effectively identify the best foam alternatives to meet your particular project specifications, all we ask is that you provide us with your finished product objective.

Company Information
Since 1985, Wisconsin Foam has maintained a singular focus on providing integrated flexible foam solutions to companies that span a broad spectrum of market segments throughout the United States.
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